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WHY 14+?
Two-thirds of the population of Africa consists of children and young adults, yet the literacy rate for Africans over the age of 14 is reported to be as low as 60%. The goal of 14+ Foundation is to improve this figure through our educational projects and programs.

The “+” sign represents an additive effect and positive value. 


While 14+ has numerous references for us - most importantly, 14+ represents our commitment to go above and beyond to positively impact children's lives to reach their full potential through education.

+ Empowering children through education
+ Volunteerism – we are a dedicated volunteer effort with

   shared interests working toward a common goal
+ Meaningful engagement with the communities we serve

+ The importance of arts-based education
Quality design not only to inspire but to make a difference.


Thank you for considering and supporting this important cause.
14+ Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest.

What can you do to help? To make a difference for the children and residents of the Chipakata community, get involved by volunteering for one of our committees.


14+ Foundation is a USA-based charitable organization that was formed to develop and build schools and orphanages for African children in rural communities.  Our first project is the Chipakata Children's Academy in Zambia, Africa.

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