14+ Foundation and Solange Partnership

14+ Foundation and Solange recently established a partnership in support of the foundation's mission to develop, build and operate schools for children in under-served communities in Africa, including their Chipakata Children's Academy in Zambia, Africa.

14+ Foundation Co-Founders Joseph Mizzi and Nchimunya Wulf announced that Solange would be serving as 14+ Foundation's Ambassador and that they were excited to partner with Solange to advance education within Africa:

"Solange brings a strong passion and a deep understanding of the importance of education within Africa today. We are extremely excited about working with Solange as 14+ Foundation Ambassador and partner to advance and achieve educational initiatives and programs.


This partnership will have an immense and long-term impact on the lives of countless children in Africa."


Solange released the following statement:


"For the last few years I have worked closely on a number of projects that advance water aid, hunger, and education. These are the three things that I believe should be birth rights for every child, and should never, ever, be considered to be a privilege.


Last November, I was really moved to learn about the wonderful plans for 14+ Foundation's Chipakata Children's Academy in Zambia, and quickly asked how I could help and contribute. 14+'s shared passion for empowering children with education and knowledge started a partnership that I am forever grateful for."


Clockwise from Top Left: Solange, Joseph Mizzi, Darlene Okpo, Lizzy Okpo & Nchimunya Wulf (center)
Photo credit: Bek Andersen

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